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The idea of the Olympic billion

Aoyida has been fully aware of the human resource is the first resource of the enterprise strategic resources. Aoyida keep prosperous, to create a high-quality, able to faithfully execute aoyida development strategy, realize the aoyida development goals of staff.
Aoyida respect for each of your employees, to encourage and help them develop personal occupation career plan (personal development strategy), they will guide the personal development and enterprise development goals together; in the aoyida on the upgrade, thriving enterprise, employee talent and give full play to one's ideal well achieve personal ability to continuously improve,
Person's ideas and sentiments continue to sublimate; establish has been patriotic and law-abiding, dedication, excellent quality, outstanding skills with strong execution team.
Human resources are the most important strategic resources aoyida, depend upon the quality of human resources to every aoyida staff quality. Therefore, the construction enterprise to do the four level talent team: a strategic vision, able to master the whole, strong leadership and dedication for the enterprise team the corporate executive team; an active thinking, profound knowledge, the concept of innovation, constantly tracking the forefront of technology, and constantly enrich the enterprise can grasp the core technology and technical personnel; a conscientious, strong learning ability wholehearted devotion to public duty, and strong execution, good at modern means of management application management team; a studious, power industry, enterprise technology workers hard work and general workers.
Aoyida in talent selection, the "de" in the first place, requiring aoyida personnel must first be patriotic love, dedication and willing to dedicate intelligence to the cause; in personnel training, aoyida focus on "shaping business personality", and guide employees to submit work as the primary task (of occupation people) at the same time, the cause of the achievements of the self improvement; the use of the talents, on the one hand, to establish the competitive system, to create an open, fair, fair competition; on the other hand, through the establishment of regular and irregular combination assessment management system to evaluate all the post employee, capable, the left, the mediocre, poor.
Training and learning is one of the most important part of creating a high-quality staff. The staff adhere to the lifelong education and training, to help employees to adjust their mentality, and constantly update their knowledge, improve occupation skills, renew ideas, and constantly improve the quality level. At the same time, the establishment of amateur education system, encourages all employees according to the need jobs and personal development strategy, improve their education level on the basis of the original.

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