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2004: incorporated Anshan Sinocarb Carbon Fiber Co. Ltd, established in the United States and South Korea's sales company; the establishment of "national technology center of carbon fiber engineering and Beijing University of Chemical Technology joint (Anshan) test and industrialization base".

2005: in the beginning, the basic structure of single carbon fiber, activated carbon fiber products, has developed a series of independent intellectual property rights of the deep processing products, including carbon fiber and activated carbon fiber needle felt, grinding, short carbon fiber and other products, but the actual production capacity and quality have reached in advance size and design requirements.
2006, the company passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification; the company and Dalian University of Technology to carry out school enterprise cooperation, joint development of composite carbon fiber conductive masterbatch.
2007: the company and signed together into a group of enterprise comprehensive consulting training contract, the overall quality of the system further improve the company staff; the company is in Liaoning province science and Technology Department assessed as "high-tech enterprises in Liaoning province"; the introduction of lean production management idea at the same time, the extension of production line successfully.
2008: the company was awarded the "national high tech enterprise"; active carbon fiber insulation material and activated carbon fiber filter two series of product development work, apply for two patents and utility model patents.
: preparation of activated carbon fiber filter prepared by the invention patent, successfully developed the "Shennong" brand water purification products to the market, access to users; the utility model patent for rigid insulation materials insulation, this series of products by authoritative testing organizations to test its performance indicators reached the standards of similar foreign products; for 12 registered trademarks; through the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.

2010: completed overseas M & A projects.
2011: the company was rated "national high-tech enterprise"; set up a wholly owned subsidiary of Liaoning Olympic billion new materials Co., Ltd., and the site and to carry out preparatory work.
2012: through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification; the construction of the project of the comprehensive construction of the Olympic billion, won the invention patent, RTI products to mass production and to the market.
2013: to increase research and development efforts of carbon fiber products, access to two patents for invention; the company RTI patent products exhibition Shanghai International Photovoltaic Exhibition, the product is recognized by the majority of users.
2014: once again awarded the national high-tech enterprises, continued to increase R & D investment, access to two practical new patents.

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